The Gospel of Consumption

March 27, 2009

Orion Magazine

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The Gospel of Consumption: and the better future we left behind

This is a good article about the mind frame of America. I have always thought that personal hell is when you take a man and force him to sit at a desk for 40 hours a week. It crushes the soul, kills creativity, and lowers self esteem.

They make a great point that back in the 1930’s we could produce all the worlds needs in a 3 day work week. But instead of going to a 3 day week, corporations figured out a way to instead get people to “want” more stuff. Thus creating a need to buy the surplus that the factories were producing.

We can break that cycle by turning off our machines when they have created enough of what we need

Apparently there was bill that was introduced to the Senate to make a 30 work week. Well big business didn’t like that idea, and lobbied against it, until they won. Corporations don’t want us little people to get the wrong idea that were in control of our own lives.

It gets me thinking about what really is the “American Dream”? It seems to me that it’s been turned into materalism. That owning stuff will make you happy. Instead of having more family time, better communities, doing volunteer work, giving to charities, and more time for personal hobbies.

Now we work ourselves to death, only so we can buy the latest gadget to consumer any ounce of free time that we do have.

Makes you wonder.

These Banks Are Just Ridiculous …

March 20, 2009

13 firms receiving federal bailout owe back taxes

A headline from the Washington Post on March 20.

The level of corruption and pure disregard for the law from congress, the White House, and the bankers is getting nauseating.

If YOU and I didn’t pay our taxes the IRS would be all over us.

But banks getting free taxpayer money owe taxes!

Secretary of Treasury Geithner couldn’t figure out how to pay all his taxes!

Tom Daschle had to set down from consideration because of his tax issues!

Listen here’s the NEW RULE Washington

If you can’t pay your taxes, you do not qualify to be a public servant

You do not qualify for any government help!

Are People Starting To See Washington For The Fraud That It is?

March 20, 2009

This poll is encouraging, I hope.

The media has spent the last 2 weeks over hyping the AIG bonus handouts. Congress was so upset that we had 8 hours of news coverage on CNN for senate hearings.

All this over $165 million in bonus?

Obviously they should have never have gotten the bonuses, but it’s nothing compared the the trillions we have spent bailing out foreign banks.

This is nothing more then a smoke screen. It’s a media stunt, to make the public feel like they are getting a little a bit of justice.

It’s interesting, Obama received over $100,000 from AIG for his campaign, shouldn’t he have to give that back?

And What about Senator Dodd, he’s the largest receiver of AIG funds, and he’s the head of the banking committee! Isn’t that a conflict of interesting? I think Dodd has messed up so much in the last 6 months he should be forced to set down from the banking committee. But instead he’s trying to pass the blame to the Obama administration for the bonuses.

They’re all lying to us, covering their tracks. Obama knew, Treasury knew, Dodd Knew.

I hope people are beginning to see past the two part system. We don’t have a republican problem, or a democratic problem. We have a serious corrupt politicians problem.

The Cost Of The National Service Bill, HR 1388

March 18, 2009

The Congressional Budget Office estimates it would cost $481 to start the programs, and a total of 6 billion from 2010-2014.

Here’s yet another problem with this bill. We want to pay people to volunteer, which will kill real organization that depend on free volunteer help. Plus we have to spend $6 billion to do it!

So what happens in 2014 when the money runs out, do you think congress is going to just let the program fall apart? Of course not, they are going to jockey the taxpayers for even more money to expand it, maybe $10 billion over the next 5 years.

Congress is really only good at one thing, building huge black hole money sucking programs that leech off of tax payers money.

Peter Schiff Was Right About All of This

March 18, 2009

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. This Video is Brilliant!

Some Background On The National Service Bill – H.R. 1388 “The Give Act”

March 18, 2009

this is what I have gathered in the last couple of hours.

This Bill H.R. 1388 is the house version, S 277 is the Senate version, sponsored by Edward Kennedy.

This blog had this section:

While you were busy worrying about coming up with the rent or mortgage money and the safety of your job, on March 9, committees knowing full well the chill that comes with the word “camp” changed all of their documents to read “campus”.

From Library of Congress

(d) [Struck out->][ Camps ][<-Struck out] CAMPUSES-
[Struck out->][ (1) UNITS TO BE ASSIGNED TO CAMPS- ][<-Struck out]
(1) UNITS TO BE ASSIGNED TO CAMPUSES- The units of the Corps shall be grouped together as appropriate [Struck out->][ in camps ][<-Struck out] in campuses for operational, support, and boarding purposes. The Corps [Struck out->][ camp ][<-Struck out] campus for a unit shall be in a facility or central location established as the operational headquarters and boarding place for the unit. Corps members may be housed [Struck out->][ in the camps ][<-Struck out] in the campuses.
[Struck out->][ (2) CAMP SUPERINTENDENT- There shall be a superintendent for each camp. The superintendent is the head of the camp. ][<-Struck out]
(2) CAMPUS DIRECTOR- There shall be a campus director for each campus. The campus director is the head of the campus.
[Struck out->][ (3) ELIGIBLE SITE FOR CAMP- A camp may be located ][<-Struck out]
(3) ELIGIBLE SITE FOR CAMPUS- A campus must be cost-effective and may, upon the completion of a feasibility study, be located in a facility referred to in section 162(a)(3).
[Struck out->][ (e) Distribution of Units and Camps ][<-Struck out]
(e) DISTRIBUTION OF UNITS AND CAMPUSES- The Director shall ensure that the Corps units and [Struck out->][ camps are distributed ][<-Struck out] campuses are cost-effective and are distributed in urban areas and [Struck out->][ rural areas in various regions throughout the United States. ][<-Struck out] rural areas such that each Corps unit in a region can be easily deployed for disaster and emergency response to such region.

I guess they thought we wouldn’t like the use of the word camp. Although this might put some light on the FEMA camps. They would use these regional “Campuses” to train people for their “national service”.

Now if you know me, I can’t just take some ones word for this, so I tracked down where this came from.

Turns out parts of this bill come all the way from bills back in May 2002, H.R. 4854 Citizen Service Act of 2002.

This part is question about the camps comes from H.R. 2857 Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, which was struck dead on June 27, 2007.

It’s amazing, they just keep recycling dead bills. They stick them in something new and if nobody catches it, it goes on. If somebody ejects, they pull it out set it on the shelf until they find another bill they can slip it in.

Now just some of parts of the bill that stick out to me.

Page 8, Line 20

should grow to reach 250,000 participants by 2014.

Which from my understanding is just as big as our entire military force. I don’t want to be an alarmist, but this starts to sound like a domestic police force, civilian cops.

There’s the little references to “Uniforms” on Page 136, line 17

(B) in paragraph (6), by striking ‘‘Clothing’’ and inserting ‘‘Uniforms’’

I’ve heard rumors that this Obama force would have uniforms, just never thought we’d have our know brownshirts, or blackshirts here. Actually what inspired Mussolini to create the Blackshirts, was the Redshirts. A group of patriots from different political leanings, banded together in the name of national freedom and unity.

Page 178, Line 13 makes a reference to “Centralized Electronic Citizenship Verification System”

Whats that mean, well I assume it depends how you translate it. The one thing I do know is the bill stats it’s for corporations and education. Well if it make their life easier it can’t be a bad thing right?

Page 181, Line 7 wants to set up September 11 as a federal day of national service

Page 283, sec 6103, sets up a Congressional Commission on Civic Service, and one of their duties under page 285, Line 9, is to determine if it’s fair and reasonable to make national service mandatory. If it is fair and reasonable, how do they implement it.

I’m sure the more time people have to read this bill, the more will come out about each section. The problem is it’s already on the calendar to hit the floor for a vote. That could happen any day now.

More Fascism In Washington

March 18, 2009

The Financial Times reports:

Lewis Alexander, Citigroup’s chief economist, is leaving the bank to join the US Treasury department, according to a memo Citibank sent out on Tuesday.

Mr Alexander will work as an adviser to Timothy Geithner, US Treasury secretary, on domestic financial issues.

You mean like the domestic financial crisis we in that this guy took part in creating?

Just more proof that there is no difference between government and corporations anymore. It’s a revolving door. When corporations takes over government, we call that fascism!

National Service Bill, H.R. 1388

March 17, 2009

Remember all the talk about national service during the Obama campaign, well guess what? Here’s the bill that could make it happen. H.R. 1388, Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act

I’m not saying the idea of encouraging people to volunteer is a bad idea. But the problem with most bills that go to congress is the language in the text.

You’ll find section 6103 of this bill sets up a federal commission named, the Congressional Commission on Civic Service. One of their duties under section 6104, paragraph B, subsection 6, on page 285, is to consider whether they make make national service “mandatory“, if they can, how exactly to develop it.

subsection 5

says the commission needs to find out the effects on the nation if all individuals are “Required” to perform a certain amount of national service.

subsection 7

sets up a public service academy

subsection 9

sets up recruiting centers on college campuses

The Media is Trying To Make Climate ‘Denial’ a Mental Disorder

March 11, 2009

This story out of the Telegraph “Climate ‘denial’ is now a mental disorder”, is very interesting.

There seems to be a big push to convince us that we have to act now. Even Prince Charles this week said:

Climate change must be tackled before global poverty

I notice that these main stream reports never mentions there are 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global. Some of these scientists are former and current untied nations IPCC scientists. Ann the 31,000 American scientist who have signed the Petition Project.

Or the What about John Colman the founder of the weather channel, saying Global warming is the biggest fraud in history.

The “Yes We Can” Manifesto

March 4, 2009

I am amazed that people still think we have either a Democrat problem in the United States, or that it’s a Republican problem that’s ailing our country.

I don’t believe in the two party system, the idea that politicians can save us is ridiculous. The only thing more ridiculous is that there is a difference between the democratic and Republican parties. Both of them are responsible for running are country into the ground.

Through out history politicians are have not been part of building a country up, and preserving it’s freedom. It’s the opposite; they are part of countries demise. Withering away at free speech, and civil liberties. often passing laws to keep people from doing activities then deem as harmful or inappropriate. Men, who started in politics with good intention, soon grow comfortable by the apathy of the people they represent.

Our forefathers did not legislate our way into being free. They fought, they rebelled, they protested, and more important they paid attention to what was going on around them, and refused to shut their mouths about the growing corruption they saw.

Just look at the recent number of “public servants” that have had to step down due to tax issues or public corruption. Governor Bill Richardson , Governor Rod Blagojevich , Nancy Killefer , Tom Daschle , even our new Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner didn’t pay all his taxes. He worked for IMF World Bank and the New York Federal Reserve , and he couldn’t seem to pay all of his taxes! And lets not forget Bernard Madoff , the man who helped create the Nasdaq. Running a $50 billion ponzi scheme.

If you look at everything are fore fathers wrote, about forming the United States. The federalist papers, the anti federal papers, the constitution, the declaration of independence, if you read Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry, and Franklin, and Washington, their writings are filled with warning to always keep one eye on government.

Hamilton wrote in federalist paper number 1 , that those who reject the constitution are either men who want money or power, and the that the biggest threat to the Untied States would come from those on the inside, who seem to be the loudest cheerleaders for the United States.

Adams wrote,

“Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

Jefferson wrote,

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”

He also said things like, people need to rebel every 20 years to keep government in line, and afraid of the people. And the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time.

“If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”

Franklin said

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Can anyone remember the pressure congress was under to pass the Patriotic Act? Bush came out and said if we don’t pass this right now, we will be hit with another terrorist attack. They printed the bill at 3 a.m. and congress had until 11 a.m. that morning to read 600 pages. You can find a video of Congressmen John Connors of Michigan saying, no one in congress reads the bills, they don’t have time. Then he asks “do you know what that would entail?”

We had to pass this bill to protect us from global terrorism. So we gave up some of our privacy, and let Washington listen to our phone calls, and pull our medical and library records, and treat us like criminals at airports, sporting events, and amusement parks, and we gave up a little bit of our freedom of speech, and let the government pass laws to censor content on youtube , and the Internet, and yet we are no safer.

Or remember when we had to pass the Bailout Bill to protect us from financial armageddon. Paulson stood up and said if we don’t pass it now, and starting buying up these bad mortgages we are going into a depression. There are youtube clips of congressmen Sherman in the House of Representatives saying they were threatened with martial law if they voted against the bailout . Oklahoma Senator Inhofe says, Paulson was bullying congressman around, and threatened that America would be in martial law if they didn’t vote for the bill . Then on November 12, Paulson said they changed their mind and they were going in a new direction, and none of the money would be spent on mortgages .

We have been conned, robbed, and not from a scruffy, low life, holding a gun to our backs, in the dark ally behind a convenient store. But by men in slick suits, in the broad of day light, in the nations capital, the very men who took an oath to protect us.

We have no idea where the money from the bailout was spent. Senators are up in arms because Washington preaches transparency, and turns around and closes the books. Bloomberg even filed a suite to sue the Federal Reserve for not telling congress how the money was spent .

Congress now acts on their own will, ignoring the calls form their representatives. Americans didn’t want the first bailout , congress passed it anyways, Americans didn’t want the auto bailout , congress passed it anyways, Americans were against the second bailout , and congressed passes it anyways.

What’s “best for the people” is quickly replaced with what’s “best for me”. Spending on pork projects is out of control, and what should make people filled with rage are all of those representatives that voted no for the first bailout, only to turn around and vote yes the second time, after they added $150 billion in pork projects.

Yet even if we eliminate all the pork projects in congress and end all of the wars, and bring our troops back home it would only slash the budget by 14%. it’s no where near the biggest problem in Washington.

We are in much more danger from the fascists’ regime controlling the purse strings of Washington. Fascist may sound harsh, but what do you call a CEO who gives up a multi-million dollar job to go to Washington, and serve in the cabinet, only to return to the corporate world after his service is up.

Fascism is an authoritarian nationalist ideology focused on solving economic, political, and social problems. Fascists aim to create a bi-partisan party in which the government is led by a “dictator” who seeks unity by requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation.

I am subtly reminded of the present trends in Washington of bi-partisanship and yes we can, and talk of national service , all while our new president who promised to clean Washington out, invites back all the role players from the Clinton Administration . All the tough talk about not allowing lobbyist to work for the current administration sounded good on the campaign trail, but once elected got tossed to the side like a selling point that no longer had value .

It’s the revolving corporate/government door that is stealing our civil liberties and trampling our constitution. Corporations should not be granted the rights of individuals, but because of crafty lawyers, loop holes, double speak, and semantics, corporations now have the same rights as individual, yet pay fewer taxes or no taxes at all , and are held to less accountability.

If you bankrupt a company, and kill your employees, and embezzle money, chances are you will never be heard of again. Yet that is what corporations and congress is doing to the United States everyday, and idly we stand by and listen to the rhetoric that comes out of the main stream media, the official PR firm for Washington. Everyday the news is looking more and more like the 1930’s. Every one in Washington is re-insuring us the little people that everything will be fine with their right hand, while their left hand is shoveling their life savings out of us dollars, out of stock market, and into over sea’s currencies and hard asset’s like gold and silver .

Bernake says any day now “things will turn around” , “help is on the way” . Obama keeps selling his yes we can plan, and never deviates from the script, and Geithner is trying hard to stay out of the lime light, while point his finger at china, for manipulating their currency , and us home owners who bought bad mortgages, and consumers for being so careless. As if a few billion in bad mortgages could even touch the over $500 trillion in derivatives that have gone south.

The white house spent $1.6 billion dollars from 2003 through the second quarter of 2005 on 343 contracts with public relations firms, advertising agencies, media organizations to produce pro white house advertising for national media, some countries call that propaganda, in America we call it patriotic reminders.

Karl Rove will go down in history as my generations Edward Bernay. Doing what it takes at all cost to spin and manipulative the truth. Even to the point of pressuring “a delegation of high-level media executives, including the heads of every major studio,” to produce pro-America propaganda to improve the image of the United States overseas.”

With good reason the bush administration left office with the lowest approval rating ever . But only setting the stage for this new passionate, slick, trendy charismatic politician. Who wants to shake things up, and turn Washington on it’s head.

Campaigning on a anti-war/ change campaign, that very campaign that George Bush before him got elected on. Obama is going to bring the troops home, only he’s not. He’s leaving 50, 00 troops in Iraq , and sending at least 17,000 to Afghanistan . That doesn’t sound like anti-war, it sounds like double speak.

But the media is reluctant to criticize Obama right now, after all he is still riding high from his unprecedented popularity. He’s the number one user on Twitter , voted by Fast Company magazine as the hottest start-up company in the world , and in a recent poll even more popular then the Beatles and Jesus. Combined that with the record fun raising, most of which came from the very banks he later had to bail out .

There is no mistake about it. Politics is BIG business.

There is a war on for your mind, to control your thoughts, your ideas, and your beliefs. You can’t sit idly by while morning talk show host; narrate to you the official story line of history.

In all the media hype lets not forget about the overwhelmingly popular, young politician, who was democratically elected during a financial crisis, to unify the country, and encouraged the people with a new sense of nationalism that they could do great things.

Yes Hitler didn’t start out as a monster; he started as a countries hero.

Fascism, communism, or socialism is always neatly packaged with patriotic slogans and “Yes We Cans”.



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