The Most Disturbing Quote I Have Ever Heard

“The Aids epidemic, rather than being a scourge,

is a welcome development in the inevitable reduction of human population…

If [it] didn’t exist, radical environmentalists would have to invent [it].”

This is Dave Foreman, the founder of the die hard extreme environmental group EARTH FIRST!. He has been called by some as an eco-terroist for his lengthly wrap sheet. Everything from arson to industrial sabotage. Yet others see him as a visionary and dreamer!

This is the guy that called the human race,”Humanpox”.

I believe this is just another in the long line of fake environmental group that use their association to push their real agenda: depopulation. These people believe that we need to wipe out third world countries in order to save the planet from over population.

One of his ideas is to heard all people into mega cities and then fence off the rest of wilderness so the animals and environmental won’t be harmed.

One Response to The Most Disturbing Quote I Have Ever Heard

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Hunger Games!

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