Global Warming Made Up By A Think Tank

I have serious doubts about global warming. Not that the earth is in a warming trend, but that man is the cause and the world will come to an end if you don’t stop living our lives.

I think it’s easy for the corporate media to use global warming as their reason to scare us into surrendering our life styles, liberties, and our guaranteed constitutional freedoms in order for the government to step in and save us.

Problem Reaction Solution

It’s called Problem > Reaction > Solution and government, media, and corporations have mastered it. You state your goal that you know congress will never pass, or your customers will never buy. and then you come up with a way to move them into a position where their willingly want the solution you offer, as if they had free will and choose it themselves.

It’s very simple actually, you confront your society, consumers, or clients with a problem. Whether it’s real or not has very little importance in this equation.

You wait for the reaction. Public outrage, phone calls flooding your office, petition, strikes, protest, or what ever other form it takes.

Then you take the lead in offering a clever solution, the one you planned from the beginning. The media calls you a hero, the public feels saved, and you got response you wanted in the first place.

So this whole idea of man made global warming gets under my skin. I can’t help but feel like our own government is setting us up for something that we other wise would of never tolerated.

Like personal carbon credits.

Global Warming Made Up By A Think Tank

just check out the “First Global Revolution” by the Club of Rome. on Page 75 they state they need a common enemy that the world can unite against. so they came up with the idea of using pollution and global warming to trick the public into changing their attitudes and behavior. And that it’s not global warming that is the real enemy it is man kind since it’s human intervention that causes it.

The problem is: Global warming

the reaction is: people are scared and worried

the solution is: the government and corporation will step up and offer carbon credits to help reduce co2 emissions.

the only problem is we the people change our attitudes and behaviors and in the process give government more control over regulating our lives from what appliances we can buy, to what kind of car we drive and make these corporation filthy rich by buying their carbon credits.

Did I mention Al Gore happens to own a company that will sell you carbon credits. How convenientĀ  that someone so concerned with the environment will make so much money.

4 Responses to Global Warming Made Up By A Think Tank

  1. Unknown says:

    Global warming is a scam. At least I think so. They will give you facts, but not show you the other side of them.

  2. Andrew Slominski says:

    Yes, thank you! I was starting to wonder if ANYONE out there knew this. It is absolutely 100% FACT. This can be verified through public (not even declassified, but public from the start) documents. Please everyone, rise up against tyranny now!

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  4. UK Voter says:

    There is firm evidence that global warming has more to do with an evolutionary cycle rather than man. But whatever the arguments, whilst governments use global warming to introduce so called ‘green taxes’ the public will always remain sceptical. If global warming was such a major issue, then they should have convinced us before taxing us, but as usual, they couldn’t wait.

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