How America Was Over Thrown!

For those who have never heard of Carroll Quigley, this may be the first time you are hearing this news. That America was over thrown more then 100 years ago, by a small group of powerful, influence, rich men. And the sad part about it was that it was relatively easy for them to do it. Tocque Deville of the Daily Kos calls it  the “Adult History of the World”. I find that fitting.

Quigley is the historian for the elite, the same way the emperors of Rome would commission a historian to tell their story. The elite of our life time have chosen Quigley. He lays out this history in his 1300 page book Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time [PDF]. It’s not the history you were taught in school, and you certainly won’t find it in a textbook.

To this day those that mention the possibility of a world elite controlling things is called a fear monger, conspiracy nut or mentally ill. The very term Conspiracy mean: a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act. I find it backwards that those who commit conspiracy are not called nuts, just those who point it out.

There are 3 methods that are used to maintain power.

Number 1, the control of politics, education, and journalism.
This describes American. Both parties are bought and paid for by the same people. You have David Rockerfeller supporting Hillary Clinton at the same time Kissinger is supporting McCain. You have Zbigniew Brzezinski advising Obama on Foreign Policy, but he was McCain adviser for his 2000 campaign. Now there are rumors that his son Ian Brzezinski is working for the 2008  McCain campaign.

Number 2, the recruitment of men with skill and ability from the top universities and the placing of these men to high profile positions and power through marriage.

Take John Kerry who married into the Hines Family, John McCain who married into the Hensley family. Barbara Bush the wife of George H.W. Bush, comes from the Pierce Family which comes from the Royal House of Lorraine. Even Obama’s line goes back to the Duchess of Windsor. And don’t forget Bill Clinton was “selected” as a Rhodes scholar to study at Oxford.

They keep it all in the family.

Number 3, The influencing of public policy by chosen members of this group, and the shielding of these men from the public attention.

That’s why they set up organization like the CFR and Trilateral Commission. They call them non-profit think tanks and people then leave them alone. These are the groups that are influencing public policy not the senate or congress.

Ford, Carter, Nixon, Bush, Clinton and Gore were all members of the CFR, W. Bush wash from Skull and Bones just like John Kerry, VP Dick Cheney was the Director for the CFR, and even jokes about not telling people about it, now we have Obama. Almost every President has been a member of a secret society or elite group.

Is it starting to make sense now, why nothing ever really changes when we elect a new President. They all work for the same people. The Global Agenda of destroying our national economy and removing our national sovernity.

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