The Clarion Fund and Obsession, Radical Islam’s War Against The West

Who Is The Clarion Fund?

At this time all I have is 3 people. Raphael Shore who is the producer/co-writer of the film and founder of the Clarion Fund, Wayne Kopping the director and co-writer and Gregory Ross the communications director of the New York based non-profit group.

Obession DVD package

Obsession DVD package

The Huffington Post reports that the Clarion Fund has sent 28 million DVDs to at least 70 newspapers in swing states to place at the doorstep of newspaper subscribers

At least part of the mailing was sent under the postal permit of Christians United for Israel, a leading Christian Zionist organization. Which also seems to have promoted the DVD on This book by David Brog, interesting enough the forwword is by John Hagee, a BIG time supporter of Israel.

Tom Trento, who heads, the group that distributed the movie at the Democratic and Republican parties’ nominating conventions, told JewsOnFirst that their goal is to awaken the country…before the election so everyone can “see the insidious nature of radical Islam.” Trento said,

his group’s website then directs viewers of the video to “a scorecard that shows how elected officials have voted” on terrorism-related issues so they can decide “how they can intelligently vote” in November.

A Haaretz story about the film reveals Shore’s direct affiliation with Aish:

Shore, incidentally, was the director of both Aish HaTorah International and the Hasbara Fellowships, a pro-Israel advocacy group.

Shore says in that article:

“I don’t understand why it’s biased if Jews are behind the creation of an objective film,” he says. “There’s nothing wrong with Jews saying the radical Islamists are coming, just like there’s nothing wrong with Jews in Nazi Germany saying the Nazis are coming.”

He later adds:

“Many evangelical Christians are waking up and becoming passionate about this issue,” says Shore.

I found this comment on a blog

They’re sending 28-million Americans copies of a film whose producers won’t even reveal who financed their project?  One has to ask why th

e latter are holding back?  What are they afraid of?  Why would a Sheldon Adelson, Michael Steinhardt or other similar Republican Jewish Coalition donor’s try to hide their association with this film?  And why should America’s newspapers be a party to this fraud?

What scare me is we have effectively associated the word terrorist with Muslims and anti-Americanism. But yet we never mention the real decision makers in the world. the one’s that sit in boardrooms with their suits and ties, and decide to bomb these countries that now conveniently hate us so much.

There is also no discussion about the forming of radical Islam in the late 70’s by our government and men like Zbigniew Brzezinski. Who admitted we paid Muslims, trained them and told them to go into Russia during the Cold war.We even paid for textbooks to be printed according to the Washington Post, that taught children this idea of radical Islam.

CIA even had a contact in Afghanistan to lead these soldiers, Osama Bin Laden. Brzezinski admits he manipulated this whole line of events to bleed Russia and bankrupt them. He wanted to start a “Vietnam” war for Russia.

I found all of this very disturbing, you can view my letter to the editor of my local newspaper here

43 Responses to The Clarion Fund and Obsession, Radical Islam’s War Against The West

  1. Patrick says:

    I’m glad you are on this. I got this in the paper on Sunday was asking all the same questions you are asking.

  2. Nic says:

    I honestly felt like I didn’t have a choice, there is no reason for this level of propaganda politics this close to a presidential election.

  3. We students of all religions other than Islam applaud the movie and the hard work to make it.

    Jihad – the inner struggle of each Muslim with radical intentions to take control of all other religions must be stopped for the sake of all free thinking peoples of the earth. Do a little research and you will find this is the reason for the crusades. Thank God they were stopped then.

    Stop the radical Muslims. The solution is easy simply sponsor and distribute positive propaganda from good Muslims denouncing the radical Muslims in their own voice.

  4. Fruntpage1 says:

    My home recieved 3! Its known that The Clarion Fund endorses John McCain. I dont remember recieving any DVD’s from groups supporting Barack Obama trying to refresh why we should be scared and paranoid to vote for him. I view it as a form of a scare tactic. Also, I must add that I am a registered Democrat, so why is my name on the package of mail sent by Republican supporters???? Please clarify me if i’m wrong on this.

  5. John says:

    YOu wonder why the donors want to stay anonymous? Simple, they’re afraid the Radical Muslims will kill them for exposing the truth.

    Nothing to hide, just a desire for life.

  6. Nic says:

    That may be a good point

    From what I can find it seems to be backed by pro-Israel groups, so of course they wanted to keep that hush, hush.

    One of their marketing campaigns was to send Free DVD’s to Rabbis!

    i just don’t think they want the people following the money trail, we may be disappoint where it leads.

  7. Cyn says:

    The views and facts shared on this dvd corrolate with a autobiography that I am reading about a woman and her husband who worked with arab and moslems in mideastern countries. Her husband was killed in a drive by shooting while she remains critically wounded and now maimed for life. They know firsthand what goes on over there. So I know they are accurate in the facts they are telling us. These are not scare tactics they are truth and we better wake up to reality!!!

  8. Angry says:

    I am appauled and sickened at the level of desperation that some people have reached in order for John McCain to win!!

  9. Robin says:

    “The Huffington Post reports that the Clarion Fund has sent 28 million DVDs to at least 70 newspapers in swing states to place at the doorstep of newspaper subscribers

    At least part of the mailing was sent under the postal permit of Christians United for Israel, a leading Christian Zionist organization. Which also seems to have promoted the DVD on This book by David Brog, interesting enough the forwword is by John Hagee, a BIG time supporter of Israel.”

    Incorrect. The mailing that went out under a postal permit from CUFI was in FEBRUARY and was sent out by the Republican Jewish Coalition to US rabbis and other Jews using that postal permit THEN.

    This mass distribution was paid for by the Clarion Fund, a shadowy so-called 501 (3)(c) whose founder Wiki states is Ephraim Shore, Rabbi Ephraim Shore, twin brother to Rabbi Raphael Shore. Joachim Martillo has a good post about Aish and the Clarion Fund

    The Shore brothers, Raphael and Ephraim are both Orthodox rabbis who according to their brother, David Shore (screenwriter for “NYPD Blue”, “Law and Order” and the creator of “Dr. House) are “big shots is Aish Hatorah

    There are plenty of rabbis who wish to participate in interfaith dialog and cooperation, PLENTY of them. There are three faiths that must share the Holy Land.

    These rabbis instead have chosen to propagate a fear-tactic film to scare the bejeebers out of you concerning Islam.

  10. abu ameerah says:

    fantastic! more propaganda and sheer nonsense spewed from the extreme right in this country. Karl Rove, eat your heart out!

    These Bushite NeoCONs sure know who to use media as a tool to scare people. Its almost like these people have taken a page out of the FOX Noise play book.

  11. Cathy says:

    My goal is to let people know that this is politics, not genuine Christianity. Christians should disentangle themselves from Christian Zionism and politics. False teachers abound and many have been caught in their web of deceit. Whatever others do, Christians should not be promoting this kind of thing, and if they are they should stop because it’s not from the Lord Jesus Christ. They are following “another Jesus” not the Jesus of the Biblel.

    Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

  12. takeyourcross says:

    When it comes to the Talmudic Jews, they are any Christian’s theological enemy — but so are the Mohammedans who want to murder us.'orDeclineIntro.htm

    There are yet some traditional Jews who still demonstrate what St. Paul described as the Jews’ passion for doing good deeds, and your complaints smack of the fraudulent paper by Walt and Mearsheimer:

    You are blaming America falsely and publicly for creating modern jihad, while you insinuate — coincidentally, of course — that giving the Soviets a taste of their own medicine was a bad thing.

    Since you are nostalgic for the Soviet Union, I must assume that you are a Communist.

  13. Nic says:

    It’s important to remember that it only takes a small number of radical Muslims to smear the name of Islam in the United States, they same way it has taken a small number of Right Wing Conservatives to smear the name of Christianity in the middle east.

  14. mmmmokay.... says:

    I get enough spam as it is, I don’t need propaganda spam too. If you want to know whats going on in world politics, why don’t you pick up a book and read about read. I don’t consider random dvd’s i personally never requested as an informed news source. This won’t affect my decision on who to vote for either….

  15. Janet says:

    I want to take this back to England and give a copy to every body every were
    so if you need more help I am you person. God bless & keep you safe Amen.

  16. Janet says:

    Genesis 16- 12 He will be a wild donkey of a man , his hand will be against everyone and everone’s hand against his ,
    this is the word of God the father of Jesus may God remove the blinders from his people so they get to know the truth, we have to stand in the gap and pray that
    Ishmeal forgive all that hurt him so God can forgive him inturn free his people.
    it’s all so easy to see when you give up the anger let go let God,
    untill then we must fight for our contry’s, the world, Islam will not win come on guy’sI am blonde I know what side I want to be on the winning side, Amen.

  17. Anonymous says:

    More Mossad propoganda to keep their US gravytrain flowing.

  18. Pat Surratt says:

    Where can I obtain copies of “Obsession–Radical Islam’s War Against the West” top send to family and friends?

  19. […] We The People: At least part of the mailing was sent under the postal permit of Christians United for Israel, […]

  20. realistic rob says:

    This film is not a fantasy. It depicts actual acts of terrorism inflicted by islamic fanatics. I viewed this dvd with an open mind. I knew we[americans] are hated by these radicals, but to what extent I was uninformed. I now see that it is not only us, but the entire world despised by these nutjobs. they have inflicted untold acts of cowardice against innocent people of many nations. To say that this dvd is sponsered by backers of John McCain and the israelies is to bury your head in the sand. My live and let live attitude is now one of constant awareness. Just because an avowed enemy of these islamic murderers presents a documentary pointing out the fact , does not make this film untrue. All people should be made aware of the true intentions of these killers.

  21. realistic rob says:

    It seems to me,from most of the e-mails that you folks think that this is about religion. Dead wrong. It is about POWER and all the benifits derived there from. Soon the oil will be dried up,and then the oil producing countries will no longer have the influence they now have. when this occurs who would want to go to that area of the world? what would attract you there? So now is the time to send out their brainwashed robots, while they still have the funds to do so. The oil rich countries will continue to raise prices, as will our own greedy oil companies. And who is to stop them? It must be us. We the people of the united states. Start cutting back NOW. Use alternative energy, learn all you can about it. Put what you learn to use. Put down the twinky, get off your butt and get involved in the solution. If we do not start immediately it will only get worse. Our elected officials have abandon us. Our president is the laughing of the world. He was not satisfied to ruin his own country, so he is now trying to ruin the free world. We the people.

  22. mike says:

    We are not afraid of outside terrorism, but we are afraid if people have a narrow view

  23. realistic rob says:

    I’m all for being open minded. I admire this trait in other people as well. yet when a subject is broached that many of these open minded people do not agree with their minds suddenly begin to narrow. the more facts presented to them, in opposition to their way of thinking,the narrower their mind becomes. It is a rare personthat actually listens to an opposing view with an open mind, considers the material presented and then decides if what they thought wastrue still holds water. The wishy/washy person is equally frustrating. Whoever talks to that person last gets his/her vote. I’m just an american that would like to see this country returned to the respectability it once possessed. where big government was far less intrusive, both here and abroad. We the people.

  24. wispivey says:

    I got two of these hateful things in the mail today. Shocker, I live in a swing state. I promptly did the following:

    1 – Nuked the unopened packages for about 10 seconds in the microwave. (a quick smack with a hammer thru the paper would work as well)
    2 – Wrote in huge block letters on front and back “RETURN TO SENDER”.
    3 – Mailed the trash back.

    Let them pay for 28 million of them TWO ways instead of one and make sure their INVESTMENT is rendered useless!!!

  25. Nic says:

    I’ll be honest, I had the exact same thought!

  26. 1forRight says:

    I thought about the timing of the arrival of the video myself. Then I WATCHED the video, and as I watched the video, I started to think about where the sources came from. Now I realize that regardless of timing, the thing is, it caused me to start looking for the facts myself. Not for conspiracy theories (oh so easy to do), but to educate myself more on what’s going on in the world, and especially what is radical Islam all about? I’m just starting to look, (I got a little side-tracked by this little blog thing) but my primary proof source won’t be a video sent to me in the mail, nor will it be the internet; how about finding books about the subject that are copyrighted before 9/11? How about finding books with their sources listed clearly in the back? How about instead of blind loyalty to a political party, quit your empty banter about alterior motives, get up off your rear-end, and educate YOURSELF. Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Because I know if there was a real threat, I wouldn’t want to know about it second hand, and I sure as hell would be looking at ways to prevent bad things from happening in my country. I don’t see any paranoia in that logic; I see common sense in it. Bottom line is that the DVD caused me to want to learn more, not figure out what presidential candidate I’m going to vote for. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Oh. And quit getting wrapped around the axle.

  27. Pete Gerlach says:

    AntiWest Moslem-extremist terrorism is real – beyond debate. I am disgusted with the funders and promoters of this fear-mongering propaganda to *covertly* invite support for their political and nationalistic causes by scaring minimally-aware, impressionable Americans. Unless I missed it, the pro-Israeli Clarion Fund doesn’t even identify itself in the DVD as a major funder. Slick propagandist media productions qualify as an indirect form of terrorism!

    For a clearer picture of Jihadis without the pro-McCain, pro-Israel bigotry, I urge you to read “The Journey of the Jihadist: Inside Muslim Militancy” by Fawaz A. Gerges. Very informative and reasonably objective by an articlulate former terrorist.

    Im impressed at how unclear “resistance” to “radical Molsems” is in the media’s commentary. If the (mostly Moslem) people of the countries incubating “Death to the West” believers will take responsibility, they should regulate or oversee (or abolish?) the operation of pro-terrorism madrasas (schools) on the grounds that they are systematically promoting death and social anarchy. Many Arab countries make this hard because religion and politics are interwoven. As Americans, we need to ensure no schools like that hide under the Freedom of Education banner in our country.

  28. Ruth A. McTaggart says:

    Two copies of this film,which I found highly offensive and filled with deliberate falsehoods and negative innuendo, were sent to my home through the mail, one to my son and one to my husband.
    After 20 years of living in a Muslim country,raising my children in a Muslim country,sending my children to Muslim schools,only to return to my country(USA) where I was raised in the belief of life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness,religious freedom for all and acceptance …to this…this film delivered to my home and countless other’s preaching hate and religious intolerance by playing on people’s emotions,by attempting to instill fear in the hearts of all Americans,propagating xenophobia, instead of focusing on the real crisis affecting the American family. The money spent developing and distributing this DVD, could have eased the suffering of thousand’s of families in America who are in dire need of assistance.
    Furthermore, how did our names end up on your distribution list?

  29. realistic rob says:

    If someone told me that agroup of people wanted to kill me and my whole family I would laugh in their face. Thats absurd I would say. Why would anyone want to harm us? Because you’re american. But, I dont even know these people. It makes no difference, you are the great SATAN.To kill you and your family would be a great honor.Having heard this, I would take a long look at this group of bigots and try to figure out why. Have they done anything like this before? Is there proof of it? Once I found that they had indeed killed and maimed many other people, I for one would try to do something about stopping them. Hijacking jet liners and flying them into skyscrapers falls into this category. Beheading our countrymen ,on live t.v. falls into this category. Blowing up our foreign embassies falls into this category. I have been lucky ,none of my family has been killed orInjured. But, many of our countrymen have not been as lucky. These extremist know only one emotion; HATRED. It is all consuming to them.This dvd may have been put out by the Israelies but then are’nt they the ones that have suffered the most at the hands of islamic terrorist!

  30. why says:


  31. Gary L Atkinson says:

    I received your DVD Obsession. Is there not enough hated in the world without creating more. I am an American Indian, I, if any could complain. If I would atach Arabs in retribution am I as bitter as they? I believe in the right to bear arms, to defend my country not the governments. Most Americans don’t realize that to keep one Apache helicopter in the air one hour, fifteen hours are spent for the next hour. Seems to me we are our own enemy. Billions of dollars to combat one man with a bottle of gas and a lighter. My Dad taught me ” there is absolutely no reason anyone should go to bed hungry in this country.” In my time I say ” there is no reason anyone anyone should go to bed without health care” Maybe I should attach, I could be sent to Getmo. I’d have free health and dental care. Isn’t there something wrong about this reality. Patriots do not follow blindly, It is the duty of patriots to protect us from our government.

  32. sally says:

    Sooner or latter the sleeping will be woke up and there will be no who follows Islam safe in the world. This is sad, but unfortunate human nature. People will be so outraged that they will hate all the followers of Islam and view them all as radicals.

    The radicals have underestimated the sleeping dogs. Japan underestimated the sleeping dog and bit off more than they could chew. The world is getting fed up with the radical Islamic exstreamants and woe to them when the entire world takes action.

  33. Richard Bowser says:

    I am a 65 yr. old vet who saw this Islam/Christian war coming yrs. ago, and have been trying to alert my peers to it. mostly falling on deaf ears. I recomend the book by Mike Evans, “The Final Move Beyond Iraq ” Also a film documentry done during WWII called” A Prelude To War”. I applaud your effort to wake up the world. Islam does not believe in coexistance with any other religion. All one has to do is read testimonies by former muslims who have converted to Christianity. They are under death threats.
    I am fed up with having to be politictly correct, and to appease people who would sooner see me dead. Islam is monotheistic, and muslims are trying to form their own settlements with Islamic laws. Just look at Gary Indiana, where they have their daily public calls to prayer, yet are trying to disallow Church bells from ringing.
    In order to bring in Islam as this nations’ religion, they must get rid of God, and since they took prayer from the schools, God has systematically been removed from our society, except from the hearts of people like myself. I read a memoir by a Jew from Auwzitch prison who angered his German captors by telling them they could tear him to shreds, limd by limb, but they would lose, because they could never destroy his faith in God.
    We don’t realize that God is all we need, till God is all we have, and it may take that extreme to wake the world up. I pray not.
    We must wake up to the fact that Barak Obama is a muslim, or else he would call himself Barry, which is his Christian name. Having read the Koran, and books on how subversives work, I believe Barak is one and if he becomes president, America will soon find out the mistake it made.
    I recently went to New York city, and was told it was not in vogue to wear an American flag lapel pin. There are millions of American soldiers who fought for my right to wear that pin, and I have five buddies names on the Vietnam wall, so don’t ever tell me I can’t wear that pin.
    My word to any muslim or any one else who wants to take God out of America and cannot assimilate in America is, get the hell out and go back to your tent !!!
    In 1930 Winston Chruchill tried to warn the world of Hitler and no one listened. Even after his success as Prime Minister during the war, he felt that he had failed because the world had not heeded his warnings.
    We must wake up and not be taken over by Islamofacism, as we were almost taken over by Nazifacism.

  34. mary-m says:

    At last! People I can relate to. If you are so inclined, go to the Comedy Central Indecision blogsite: and do a search for my handle mary-m. There you will find someone who is solidly in your corner and struggling to be heard above the pro-Obama din. I could certainly use some help there.

    I too have been dismayed by the rise of pro-Islamic/anti-Israeli sentiments due to the ill advised war that has been waged by the US government against Iraq. I realize that moving over to the opposite extreme will be deadly to America and our sister Israel and everything we mutually stand for.

    I too have read the Koran and recognize it as a transmogrification of Judaism that pits itself against all other faiths. We need to hold fast to our position in the face of charges of “racial biogtry” and “religious intolerance.” Let’s remember people, we did not wage this war against Islam, they are waging war against US.

  35. John Monaghan says:

    I received your DVD yesterday.
    My DVD player and computer will not play the DVD they say it is empty.
    I was very excited to view the DVD.
    Can you imagine how disappointed I am.

  36. I recently viewed the film, ‘Obsession’. I believe I approached the film with an open mind. I researched the Clarion fund, and visited the website, Regardless of who financially backed the film, or the intended objective of its creation, I do not believe one can deny the reality of the displayed raw television footage of Islamic extremism. If the goal of the Clarion fund is to educate folks about threats to national security, at the very least it moved me to conduct my own research and delve into the issues of national and global security in the face of terrorism. The film clearly uses the medium of film to make a powerful point about the danger of radical Islam, but I do not believe it weakens the legitimacy of some of its more positive aspects. The films alert individuals to the real threat of Islamic extremism and global jihad. It is obvious that an argument may exist about the scale of this threat; however, I do not believe one can convincingly argue that no threat exists at all. There is a real and apparent threat. If the film was nothing more than an amalgamation of clips from Middle Eastern television stations, perhaps folks might feel differently, and not feel they are being guided toward certain feelings. The truth that the viewer can take away from this video is in these particular clips. Also, when one accepts the implications that a threat exists, one is inclined to act to do something about it. Perhaps the Clarion fund intended this film to persuade American voters to vote for John McCain, although I am not sure why. The film makes it clear that terrorism is a threat to the entire world and all its peoples, not just Americans. The film was actually quite helpful in cementing my decision that a vote for Barrack Obama is the right choice. I more firmly believe in his abilities to lead the nation in the face of adversity. In conclusion, people have a responsibility to think, make an attempt to make informed decisions, and to take action. It is simply natural that organizations, coalitions, governments, companies, terrorists groups, and various other associations of individuals in society will attempt to appeal and persuade the masses to adopt their platforms, interests, goal, desires etc. It is very difficult to sift through this barrage of information and the constant appeals to our predisposed psychological insecurities. We must be courageous in difficult times, and we must take a stand for what we believe in. The principles of democracy, freedom of speech, diverse mass media, equality before the law etc. are great principles. Many times folks seem to get the potential failings of capitalist economic models; the means of production are distributed to openly competing profit seeking private persons, confused with democratic principles. This is another topic entirely, but is evident from reading the comments of others, these predispositions affect opinion. In all honesty, I am not too sure the path to addressing global terrorism is all that different from addressing global environmental problems such as climate change. Both issues are highly tied to the issue of energy independence and the delicate nature of the world economy. Clearly our present systems of governance, nation states, economic and environmental models are not sustainable. Instead of trying to convince each other of the legitimacy of ideologies to which we are so intimately attached, perhaps, as global citizens, it is time to recognize we must overcome the greatest barrier too all human kind, the realization that ‘truth’ is no more tangible than the realities which shape our individual perspectives. Survival as a species is a much more pressing issue. If we do not undergo a major paradigm shift in human consciousness, we are perhaps destined to become extinct much sooner than we expect. If we need a reminder of the legitimacy of this possibility, let us remember that 99.9% of all species that have ever existed are currently extinct. Why should we believe that we are any different? The choice is truly ours, if we can only rise beyond our own minds.

  37. Joshua says:

    I applaud the film. I thought it was right on target. Anyone who sees’s it and wants’ to brush it aside as propaganda has got their head in the sand. America and the world need to wake up to the Islamic threat. If we don’t, some of us will be dead and the others will be speaking Arabic. As for me, I don’t plan on speaking Arabic. I’m an American Jew that believes in Jesus, and I approved of this message.

  38. Nic says:

    I realize people are passionate on one side or the other.

    My originally point was not if radical Muslims existed, that seems to be the direction people want to take this.

    the whole point was based on the fact that the Clarion Fund had paid public news papers to distribute the DVD so close to a presidential election. Obviously they are pro-McCain, whether they officially endorse him or not.

    It’s back door politics, and it’s based on motivating people out of fear. the tone of the DVD is not informative or educational, it’s terror. They are hoping to scare people into voting for a pre-emptive war candidate and thats wrong.

    They have every right to make the movie, to even put it online for free and encourage people to watch it. thats great, that’s the first amendment at work. But forcing a view into peoples living rooms is a cross the line.

    How would people feel it it wasn’t a radical Islamic movie but say a 911 truth movie that ended up on your front door. then the media would be all over this story. If 28 Million copies of Loose Change were delivered the media would be damming the people that did it.

  39. A. Nina Moss says:

    Hey people who think this is all a bunch of hooey: Why not temporarily relocate over to Gaza, Syria, or Iran for a while? If you are fortunate enough to come back alive without having had your throat slit by these people just because you’re American and/or not a muslim, please do post back and let us know how wonderful and tolerant they are. “911 truth movie?” ummm, what are you smoking? The truth is, if you don’t embrace islam’s ideology, they want to kill you. Pretty straight forward. Wake up!

  40. MARTY MCFLY says:

    I watched this DVD. One can not realize how much hate is in the world. I believe that each man or woman has the right to worship and believe in what ever kind of religion they want to.

    These radical Islam Jihad extremist should spend more time on thier personal hygiene, because I have never seen a race of so many disheveled looking people.

    They should also spend more time practicing their true religion with their families and children, instead of trying to force their religious beliefs on the whole world, in whereby they are brainwashing and abusing their kids, as well as depriving them from having any type of childhood with their concept of one religion fits all, take over the world BS.

    Live, and Let Live, you Extremist.
    You are not the only one in the world.
    It’s time we all wake up and say NO and be Prepared!

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