Potential for civil unrest in California, Ohio, and Michigan

If you have never heard of Life After The Oil Crash, it’s a site that is worth checking out. They have a great “Breaking News” section.

They don’t create news, they simply gather headlines from major AP papers and put them in a feed.

If you have been paying attention to the news, States are feeling the pressure of state budgets.

Most notable is California with their $41 billion short fall. They just announce they will not return income tax to people who over paid last year.

But Michigan and Ohio are getting a lot of press because of the collapsing economy. The auto collapse has devastated Detroit, average home prices are $18,000!

And now Ohio is feeling the heat. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Ohio State Employees Union Stunned and Aghast at $250 Million in Concessions, Prospect of Layoffs.

I wrote last week Here, about Ohio’s unemployment fund being broke, and now rumors that welfare will be bankrupt in a couple of weeks.

Mike Ruppert who is a long time blogger and founder of “From the Wilderness” blog has written some really tough stuff about Ohio.


This is little more than hunch at the moment. The three likeliest states to have civil unrest first are Michigan, California and Ohio.

These are the states hardest hit by job cuts. Ohio is of most concern to me. California is just huge and fragmented. The “fires” here would be rapidly “extinguished” by a state that has well-developed and longstanding historical plans for civil unrest going back to the 1960s. There are really probably five states in California and the fire is unlikely to spread from one “region” to another because each region has a different economic base and a different culture. Michigan is geographically off to the side of the board and already something of a “wasteland”. There are no densely-packed masses of dry kindling nearby.

But Ohio is entirely different. Already devastated by auto layoffs and other massive corporate failures, Ohio’s industrial areas border and are in close proximity to Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania. Lots of kindling in those states. At the same time as Ohio is devastated by DHL, auto and other layoffs, much of the nation’s high-tech wind turbine industry in Ohio is also shutting down at the same time… just when we need it. The snake eats its own tail for nutrition. It is the way money works… for now.
Interesting stuff.

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