Glenn Beck … Housing Chart

February 28, 2009

Glenn Beck giving some perspective about the housing boom.

The Down Turn of Globalization

February 25, 2009

Heres a few news articles that are worth a quick glance from the last couple of days.

The Spectacular, Sudden Crash of the Global Economy – AlterNet

‘There will be blood’ – Reporton Business

Iceland After the Fall – Slate

Ukraine Ratings Cut to CCC+ by S&P on IMF Loan Risk – Bloomberg

How realistic is a North American currency?

February 20, 2009
reported by market watch
on January 28, 2009

How realistic is a North American currency? LINK

I’m starting to see more and more mainstream news mention the idea of a North American Union, a trilateral trade agreement, North American currency. For those who don’t know, we do have a trade agreement in place with Mexico, and Canada already.

Do some googling on Nafta and Security and prosperity partnership,

4 More Banks Seized, Total of 13 This Year

February 15, 2009

Reported by Bloomberg, February 15, 2009

Banks in four U.S. states with more than $1 billion in assets were closed in a single day, boosting the toll of seized lenders to 13 this year and further draining a deposit insurance fund amid record home foreclosures….

Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder

February 15, 2009
Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi

Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi

I know that the title of the book either intrigues you, or infuriates you. Upfront this is not a book for the weak hearted or for those who are die hard Bush supporters who are easily offend.

What turned me on this book was an interview I listened to with Bugliosi. After learning that Bugliosi wasn’t a nut, he’s an accomplished trail lawyer who was responsible for convicting Charles Manson, I decide to pick it up.

The book is a blueprint for how any attorney general can prosecute George W. Bush for murder. Bugliosi lays out what evidence he has, and in what order he would present it.

There are a couple of points where Bugliosi gets really fired up and makes some great quotes like this one;

If I sound to angry for some, what should I be greatly angry about? That a referee gave what I thought was a bad call to my hometown football team, basketball team, or baseball team, ad it may have cost them the game?

I don’t think so. page 30

How about this fact about President Bush, in his first seven years in office he took 908 vacation days! That doesn’t’ even count the last year, and if you have paid attention at all to the financial crisis, Bush has been none existent.

CNN stated that he has given the least amount of press conference then any other president. And in a time like this when the country needs leadership, he backed down and has tossed the keys to Obama.

Or how about this fact. We assume that Saddam Hussein was convicted for crimes against humanity. And that’s why he was put to death. That’s certainly the impression that the media gave, at least in the west.

But the real reason isn’t even close to that. Hussein was convicted, get this, of putting a group of men to death who tried to assassinate him in the 80’s. The police rounded them up, gave them a trail, all were found guilty and put to death. Yet Hussein was put to death for following his judicial system. The trail was made out to be a joke in the middle east, but that coverage never had it to the United States.

It’s another example of the media creating a monster under the bed. yet when we turn the lights on, we realize there is no monster. People see what they want to see, whether it’s about Hussein or Bush, or the Iraq war.

My advice is to the start to question who ever you are dependent upon for your information, because things may not always seem that way they are.

It’s not to give Hussein a free pass for some of things he supposedly did, but you can’t have a “monster talk” with also stating that over a million Iraqis have died since the US invasion, and that doesn’t count the hundred of thousands that died because of a decade of sanctions before the war.

Anyways, this book will get the gears turning in your head.

Gerald Celente “‘ Worst economic collapse ever”

February 11, 2009