Homeland Security Presidential Directives

July 30, 2009

towards the end of Janet Napolitano speech at the CFR this week. She mentions that Obama used a Presidential Directive (HSPD 5) to declare the secretary of Homeland Security as the principal federal official, in charge of The Swine Flu outbreak in the spring.

heres’ a list of the Homeland Security Presidential Directives

Number 5 is the one that makes DHS the command center in the midst of national emergency.

It’s sort of a overwhelming list of topics. Many of them concern civil liberty issues, which is what makes most citizen uncomfortable with the amount of power or information that governments have.

Janet Napolitano at the CFR

July 30, 2009

I uploaded a PDF of a speach from Janet Napolitano head of Homeland Secertary.

It’s was at a CFR meeting this week. you don’t have to read the whole thing, but I went through and highlighted some of the good stuff. At the start she almost does a Clinton where she admits the CFR plans agenda.

Instead she thanks the CFR for their “work” on homeland security. The whole thing is filled with a police state / global agenda to turn the USA into a subtle version of East Germany. Including encouraging Americans to notice unusually behavior of their neighbors.

It’s amazing, they sell it like it’s for our own good. They have to keep us safe.

Even some of the questions from CFR members at the end, gives me an impression that they are uncomfortable with some of the actions of Homeland security and how they could infringe on civil liberties.