Is Glenn Beck Really Going To Talk About FEMA Camps ….or Is He Just Trying To Boost His Ratings?

March 4, 2009

A couple days ago beck was on Fox and Friends and started talking about FEMA Camps, certainly the video is eye opening, I did see that night they didn’t do the report. Beck said he just didn’t have enough information but when he did, he would present it

I don’t know what to do with beck, I naturally like the guy, he’s smart and quirky, and seems to push the line more then anyone else out there on mainstream.

I’ve been watching beck for the last 3 weeks, and he’s saying stuff that’s going against mainstream. I posted this video of him on my blog talking about the housing bubble, it’s great. The way he talks, makes me think he’s putting the puzzle together.

How he handles this story may tell you everything you need to know about Beck, because there’s a couple of things he has to mention for me to believe he’s really trying to help people and not just precondition us.

1. the KBR contract for $385 million for detention facilities link
2. The combat troop that was brought back to the us link
3. the bill H.R. 645 link
4. Fema Executive Orders link
5. REX 84 link
6. Operation Endgame link

The problem is I could go on, rumors of 1 million FEMA caskets outside Atlanta, rail cars with shackles built in, and of course the FEMA recruiting pastors.

I think Beck gets it right when he says

“If you trust your government, then you’ve go nothing to worry about”

But what happens if we go down the road of socialism, and then 3 or 4 Presidents from now, we find ourselves in a totalitarian state? Then everything is already in place to detention anyone who the government sees as a threat.

And while it’s easy to call people who have looked into this crazy, they just might be the people who save your freedom.

the price of freedom is eternal vigilance – Thomas Jefferson

FEMA Training Pastors For Martial Law

May 15, 2008


Fema was created with Presidential Executive Order 12148 on July 20 , 1979 by President Jimmy Carter. The Executive Order merged several federal agencies that dealt with preparedness and civil defense. Many see FEMA as the “secret government” of the United States because it’s positions are non-elected, it does not publicly disclose it’s actions, and has their own budget. And if the President of the United States declares a national emergency, the US would shift into martial Law and the true power of FEMA would be revealed. For a brief history of FEMA click here.

FEMA has always been criticized for their lack of efficiency, from Hurricane Andrew to Hurricane Katrina. They have power to confiscation guns, build detention camps, and suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Even former congressman Dan Hamburg is speaking out about what FEMA is up too.

I would urge you to watch these videos and do your own research.


Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America

Download Pastor FEMA document

FEMA Training Drill

Google This

REX 84

Fema Training Pastors