A Global Health Surveillance System

October 25, 2008

My interest was peaked by this story, Kids targeted for flu vaccinations in U.S. in which they state

for the first time vaccination is being pushed for virtually all children in the U.S.

Harvard researchers collected data over 4 winters, one of the co-author’s John Brownstein says”The impact of kids and the flu is clear, It doesn’t mean the areas without kids are protected from flu. It just means they experience flu later and at lower rates.”

I found it very interesting that this year, the U.S. government is recommending that children from age six months to 18 years be vaccinated — expanding inoculations to 30 million more school-age children. While they seldom get as sick as the younger tots, it’s a bigger population that catches flu at higher rates, so the change should at least cut missed school and work.

I find it interesting that the government is taking such a interest in giving 6 month olds the Flu vaccination. I hate to point out that the Flu vaccine is one vaccination were thermisol was never taken out of, and by giving a six month old a flu shot, you are injecting massive amounts of toxins into their immune system.

But  what caught my eye the most wasn’t that line, it was the last line in the story.

Brownstein’s next study, paid for by the government, will track the community impact of vaccinating more school-age children.

I thought why would the government be interested in tracking community impacts of vaccinating, and exactly what project is John Brownstein working on. That lead me to here. An overall profile of John Brownstein.

Dr. Brownstein works on novel statistical modeling and medical informatics approaches for accelerating the translation of public health surveillance research.

He’s leading a health surveillance project called  HealthMap.org, an internet-based global infectious disease intelligence system. There are a lot of interesting things about health map, that I won’t go into now. But doing a google search I found this. Half way down the page under the Funding header, it says

a research grant from Google.org

Needless to say I was curious why google is funding health map, and how much they are giving Brownstein, so I went to google.org and looked under grants and investments. The third one down under predict and prevent is.

Children’s Hospital Boston supporting HealthMap and ProMED-mail: $3 million multi-year grant to combine HealthMap’s digital detection efforts with ProMED-mail’s global network of human, animal, and ecosystem health specialists.

I’m not trying to start something or spread fear about what Brownstein is doing. I was just curious and wanted the whole story and did a little research to get a bigger view. He has Harvard, Google, Government, and World Health Organization contacts and is working on a global health surveillance system. I feel confident people will make their own conclusion.

Oh and you can find him at the childrens Hospital site by googling John Brownstein. the first link that comes up is “CHIP :: people“. Of course thats a reference to Childrens Hospital Informatics Program, and not chipping people for a global health surveillance system, it just happens to be a coincident.

Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola

August 27, 2008

I just finished Leonard Hororwitz 530 page book, ” Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional?”

This is not your typically summer feel good book. The information is heavy and at times very scientific. I became very interested in this book after I watched Obama’s former Pastor Jeremiah Wright Live at the National Press Club respond to a question. For some reason I had the day off, and I remember watching the whole interview. I found the section on YouTube and posted it below.

Horowitz lays out the most researched book I’ve ever read, he even makes copies of the documents he quotes and put’s them in the book. He has a straight in front of you approach, at no time in this book did I feel like he was reaching to make a point, or manipulating me to belief something.

It’s not just about AIDS thought, he covers cancer, watergate, Nixon, and even Kissinger

” Henry Kissinger and others were involved in the deliberate development of infective microorganism for the purpose of genocide in Central Africa and other parts of the world”….page 524

Horowitz isn’t some want to be famous author either, he’s a Harvard grad, and had a success career before he spoke about the AIDS virus.

Hororwitz’s final conclusion at the end of the book is sobering:

“My greatest fear, given this history is that today’s public health clinics and physicians offices are like the concentration  camps, and that our FDA approved vaccines are like the gas”….page 529

Horowitz presents the idea that nothing has really changed in the last 75 years, we had traded one form of holocaust for another. A much more quite one, keep out of the media, and much harder to prove.

If you don’t have time to read the book, watch In Lies We Trust. Horowitz talks a lot about the book and the development of Bio-weapons.

To download all the documents from “In Lies We Trust” Click Here

Drugging Our Kids To Death

June 11, 2008

I see stats like this and my stomach turns.

The New York Times Reported here that children being diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder has sky rocketed since 1994. Of course the cover story is that they say experts are more aggressively applying the diagnosis to children, and not that the incidence of the disorder has increased.

Well excuse me for not believing you, that’s the same line they feed us about the rise in autism.

But once they get a diagnosis they treat these kids with

powerful psychiatric drugs that have few proven benefits in children and potentially serious side effects like rapid weight gain. -New York Times // September 4, 2007

Treatments typically include medications that can be three to five times more expensive than those for other disorders like depression or anxiety. Which if you recall that was all the rave in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Treatments almost always included medication. About half received antipsychotic drugs like Risperdal from Janssen or Seroquel from Astrazeneca, both developed to treat schizophrenia.

I find it hard not to feel like the drug companies are just trying to maximize their profits and the only way to do that is to get more customers fixed on more expensive drugs. So they constantly have to get a younger and younger customer base. Treating 5 and 6 year olds for Bi-Polar seems very extreme to me.

And heres a little about about Risperdal, the only FDA approved medication for pediatric bipolar disorder. From their own website.

– Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) is a serious, sometimes permanent side effect reported with RISPERDAL and similar medications. TD includes uncontrollable movements of the face, tongue, and other parts of the body. The risk of developing TD and the chance that it will become permanent is thought to increase with the length of therapy and the overall dose taken by the patient. This condition can develop after a brief period of therapy at low doses, although this is much less common. There is no known treatment for TD, but it may go away partially or completely if therapy is stopped.

– High blood sugar and diabetes have been reported with RISPERDAL and similar medications.

And From Drugs.com

– It works by changing the effects of chemicals in the brain.

– Risperdal can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions.Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake

Heres the worst part about all of this

The New York Times then published This on June 8, 2008. A highly-influential researcher at Harvard University, Dr. Biederman spearheaded a 4000% increase in the diagnosis of pediatric bipolar disorder from 1994 to 2003. The only problem is he was being paid by the drug companies and never felt the need to report it. In doing so he has violated Federal Law that was put in place to protect “conflict of interest”.

It makes me sick, we are drugging our kids to death, and this guy is becoming a millionaire!!! These kids are taking drugs they don’t need, and it turns around to cause more problems. Like taking the Risperdal that causes high blood sugar, so now pediatric diabetes is going to be their next problem.