The Clarion Fund and Obsession, Radical Islam’s War Against The West

September 16, 2008

Who Is The Clarion Fund?

At this time all I have is 3 people. Raphael Shore who is the producer/co-writer of the film and founder of the Clarion Fund, Wayne Kopping the director and co-writer and Gregory Ross the communications director of the New York based non-profit group.

Obession DVD package

Obsession DVD package

The Huffington Post reports that the Clarion Fund has sent 28 million DVDs to at least 70 newspapers in swing states to place at the doorstep of newspaper subscribers

At least part of the mailing was sent under the postal permit of Christians United for Israel, a leading Christian Zionist organization. Which also seems to have promoted the DVD on This book by David Brog, interesting enough the forwword is by John Hagee, a BIG time supporter of Israel.

Tom Trento, who heads, the group that distributed the movie at the Democratic and Republican parties’ nominating conventions, told JewsOnFirst that their goal is to awaken the country…before the election so everyone can “see the insidious nature of radical Islam.” Trento said,

his group’s website then directs viewers of the video to “a scorecard that shows how elected officials have voted” on terrorism-related issues so they can decide “how they can intelligently vote” in November.

A Haaretz story about the film reveals Shore’s direct affiliation with Aish:

Shore, incidentally, was the director of both Aish HaTorah International and the Hasbara Fellowships, a pro-Israel advocacy group.

Shore says in that article:

“I don’t understand why it’s biased if Jews are behind the creation of an objective film,” he says. “There’s nothing wrong with Jews saying the radical Islamists are coming, just like there’s nothing wrong with Jews in Nazi Germany saying the Nazis are coming.”

He later adds:

“Many evangelical Christians are waking up and becoming passionate about this issue,” says Shore.

I found this comment on a blog

They’re sending 28-million Americans copies of a film whose producers won’t even reveal who financed their project?  One has to ask why th

e latter are holding back?  What are they afraid of?  Why would a Sheldon Adelson, Michael Steinhardt or other similar Republican Jewish Coalition donor’s try to hide their association with this film?  And why should America’s newspapers be a party to this fraud?

What scare me is we have effectively associated the word terrorist with Muslims and anti-Americanism. But yet we never mention the real decision makers in the world. the one’s that sit in boardrooms with their suits and ties, and decide to bomb these countries that now conveniently hate us so much.

There is also no discussion about the forming of radical Islam in the late 70’s by our government and men like Zbigniew Brzezinski. Who admitted we paid Muslims, trained them and told them to go into Russia during the Cold war.We even paid for textbooks to be printed according to the Washington Post, that taught children this idea of radical Islam.

CIA even had a contact in Afghanistan to lead these soldiers, Osama Bin Laden. Brzezinski admits he manipulated this whole line of events to bleed Russia and bankrupt them. He wanted to start a “Vietnam” war for Russia.

I found all of this very disturbing, you can view my letter to the editor of my local newspaper here