Video: Department of Defense Kills 2 Insurgents on CNN

August 11, 2009

I was at work yesterday heating up some food for dinner. I normal eat around 4pm which makes me the only person in the lunchroom. We have a flat screen on the wall next to the microwave, which I watch as my food heats up.

It’s almost always turned to CNN, there’s even a sign next to the wall that instructs employees that this is the only acceptable channel for work hours. Nothing new, it’s just part of the daily routine. I watch about 20 minutes of wolf Blitzer and go back to work.

But as I stood waiting for my food yesterday, CNN was playing a video called “Insurgents setting IED”. It’s a low quality grainy black and white military video, shot from either a helicopter or a surveillance camera. The military seems to be tracking two individuals in the middle of a road. The chatter goes back and forth for a bout 3 minutes until a flash of light catches your eye on the left of the screen.

A half second later an explosion happens, right where the man was standing. this is followed by several rounds of machine guns targeting the second man.

I watched with my mouth wide open. I think i just witnessed murder. But of course it was packaged as “look what we can do” our military is so smart we can find people and bomb them with our ever putting our troops in harms way.

I guess it’s not murder when our military kills you. It’s all in the name of democracy.

Although the democratic thing to do, seems like you would pick these guys up and use the video of them setting IED’s to convict them of attempted murder.

I’m not that naive that I don’t know this is going on everyday in the name of democaracy. The shock was to see a video on TV. Granted it’s way less violent then a scene in a movie. There’s no blood, no sounds from the 2 men, and not enough detail to even be able to place the setting or what kind of clothes the men are wearing.

I guess I haven’t been completely numbed by TV and Hollywood, to the point where i am willing to accept live murder as “not a big deal”.

I still have the ability to separate reality from fiction. and I react more outraged to a mild video like this, then to a extremely violent scene in a movie because my brain just told me these 2 people have stopped living.