Behind CNN’s Hologram

November 16, 2008
The original company that developed the idea is SportVU, an Israeli-based company funded by  private investors, the Israeli Government and the skywalker fund, of which I can’t find any meaningful information, SportVU was started as a new way of filming soccer games *

A SportVU designer, Gal Oz said

it can look even more realistic. Hurley said the blue glow around Yellin and was added intentionally to avoid confusion.

“We could have had a much crisper, more realistic shot, almost to the extent where the viewer at home would have had no idea even that the person wasn’t really there,” Hurley said.

“You don’t want to have the effect where it looks so good that for every future live shot, you have people on the blogs saying, ‘Oh they’re not really there–they’re in a studio, faking the moon landing.

The Founder of SportVU, Miky Tamir is also the founder of ORAD.  This is from their website on the about us page.

Orad`s mission is to realize the potential of proven and emerging electro-optical, video and real-time image processing technologies for TV broadcasting, virtual reality and sports events, enabling Orad to provide a one stop technology shop for all its customers.

They specialize in TV graphics but also fiddle with virtual reality, as seen in the pictures below

Miky Tamir is also the founder of Vumii

The events of 9/11 transformed our daily reality, challenging the security industry to make quantum leaps in developing technologies to protect against threats to life, property and nations.

Vumii, Inc. was founded to respond to those challenges

Vumii specializes in night vision and surveillance technologies

The technology is obvious cool and cutting edge, but I can’t help but say that when I first heard of it I immediately thought “this reminds me of project blue beam“. The argument is not whether blue beam is a literally reality or not, simply stating that all this new media technology and holograms and virtual reality reminds of it.

And this article by Jon Ronson

Then there’s the prophet hologram – “the projection of the image of an ancient god over an enemy capitol whose public communications have been seized and used against it in a massive psychological operation.”

Glenn Becks, Chilling Letter To America

October 2, 2008

CNN posted this commentary from Glen Beck today. I happen to like Beck, I now he gets dogged from conservatives for being to liberal, and from liberals for being too conservative. But I identity with his jaded and sarcastic out look of politics.

This to me is the most powerful line in the article, and we will never change as a country until every main stream news station is repeating it.

Your Constitution will never fail you, but your leaders will. Be wary of anyone who tries to convince you that it’s the other way around.

I’m starting to notice more and more political heads arriving at this very point, we have to get back to the Constitution, if we don’t it will be the death of us. Chuck Norris came out yesterday and said the only person he trust in Washington is RON PAUL, a commentator on CNN a week ago, live on air said, Ron Paul was right!

I’m seeing calls from the media to clean out anyone from washington that votes for this Bail Out.

Hopefully we are moving in the right direction.