These Banks Are Just Ridiculous …

March 20, 2009

13 firms receiving federal bailout owe back taxes

A headline from the Washington Post on March 20.

The level of corruption and pure disregard for the law from congress, the White House, and the bankers is getting nauseating.

If YOU and I didn’t pay our taxes the IRS would be all over us.

But banks getting free taxpayer money owe taxes!

Secretary of Treasury Geithner couldn’t figure out how to pay all his taxes!

Tom Daschle had to set down from consideration because of his tax issues!

Listen here’s the NEW RULE Washington

If you can’t pay your taxes, you do not qualify to be a public servant

You do not qualify for any government help!

More Fascism In Washington

March 18, 2009

The Financial Times reports:

Lewis Alexander, Citigroup’s chief economist, is leaving the bank to join the US Treasury department, according to a memo Citibank sent out on Tuesday.

Mr Alexander will work as an adviser to Timothy Geithner, US Treasury secretary, on domestic financial issues.

You mean like the domestic financial crisis we in that this guy took part in creating?

Just more proof that there is no difference between government and corporations anymore. It’s a revolving door. When corporations takes over government, we call that fascism!