The End of The Super Highway, At Least For Now.

January 7, 2009

Reported by Reuters

In a bit of good news, it seems the plans for the Trans Texas Corridor are dead for now. The corridor was a $180 billion plan to build a giant system of toll roads and commuter rails criss-crossing the state. Many feared it would be the start of the rumored NAFTA Super Highway. A system of national transit lines that would connect Mexican ports to the heartland in theĀ  United States, and push all theĀ  way up to Canada.

Which of course would further promote the out-sourcing of companies over seas, as whats left of any economy would be unable to compete with Chinese goods being shipped directly inland.

So it’s dead for now, which means they will wait a little while and come back with a smaller plan that is less intrusive. Like they announced in the Reuters article, the focus is now on ” smaller infrastructure projects”

NAFTA Coming To The United States

September 7, 2008

On the front page of the “Insight” page from the Columbus Dispatch for August 31. In the very bottom left corner there is this paragraph:


Mexican President Felipe Calderon opened bids last week for construction of a huge seaport that could rival the twin ports of Los Angels and Long Beach, the largest port complex in the United States. Mexico’s $4 billion Punta Colonet project would transform a wind swept bay 150 miles south of the U.S. boarder into a booming city, drawing freighters fro Asia. A planned railroad would link the port to the Untied States. The port is expected to start operating in 2012 and handle the equivalent of 2 million shipping containers a year.

That provoked me to find this article about the Mexican port,that ends with the lines….

…$5 billion expansion of the Panama Canal will make it easier for Asian freight to reach Miami, Atlanta and other southeastern U.S. cities.

All of this fits in with the NAFTA plan. Which basic purpose is to flood the U.S. with cheap foreign goods. This isn’t a new plan, it’s the reason over the last decade it’s been harder and harder to actually find products that were “Made in the USA”. Along with the tax breaks corporations get for moving manufacturing jobs off shore, are middle class is being destroyed by design.

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So in about 10 years the United States will have 0 manufacturing jobs, and we will be swimming in Chinese goods. My only hope is that at some point people get sick of shopping at places like Walmart, and long to return to a more local neighborhood environment. Once that actually stimulates real economic growth.

South American Forms Union, How Long Until North America Follows

May 27, 2008

12 nations signed a formal agreement to form the “Union of South American Nations” or UNASUR on March 23, 2008. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said two of the stated goals are to form a central bank and a common currency.

Of course it’s all in the name of helping the weaker economic countries in South America. By joining together south America becomes the 17 largest economy in the world, behind Norway. And on the appearance it seems like a great deal, people will be able to travel inside all of South American with only having to have a picture idea. But what is really going to happen is they will lose their sovereignty just like Europe when they joined the European Union, and Africa when they joined the African Union.

Do Americans really think we aren’t headed towards the North American Union when every other continents has an Union? Just look at things like the SPP, Nafta, and even rumors of the amero. If your not informed just google those words.

The scary part is there was NO mention of the South American Union on American TV news. The only sources were in newspapers that very few people even read anymore.

Why wasn’t it the head line on CNN?

Why wasn’t it on the front of my local newspaper?

What is it that they are tying to hide from us?

I guess it won’t be long until our flag looks like this.




New York Times