The Clarion Funds Next Release, The Third Jihad & More About Obsession

September 18, 2008

The Clarion Fund’s new video, The Third Jihad, will have a limited theatrical release next month on October 10, “and then, shortly afterwords, it will be for sale on the web.” As to whether the American people will get another scare tactic DVD for free in their newspaper, is unclear so far.

Tom Trento of WatchObsession explained the new video’s title, saying that the “first Jihad was Mohammed,” the second was the Ottoman Empire and the third raises the alarm about radical Islam “trying to take over the U.S.”

Wayne Kopping the  director and co-writer of Obsession, according to a News Hound article is a very devout Jew who has also done a very pro-Israel movie “Relentless.” He says in that article:

Until one has seen “Obsession” one may have a hard time seeing a connection between the Radical Muslims and the Nazis,

He even adds this line

We take it a step further, though, and we show that Radical Islam has many of its strategic roots in Nazism.

I do give Wayne Kopping credit though for saying this in a FOX News piece:

As we state several times in the film, the majority of Muslims are not “radical.” Therefore, one should not make the mistake of assuming every Muslim man or woman you meet is a potential terrorist.

It’s advisable to listen closely to what those in the Islamic community are saying and how they are saying it!

Raphael Shore who is the producer/co-writer of the film and founder of the Clarion Fund and described by Kopping as the visionary, commented to Fox News on the fact that the funding for this movie is so secretive.

At the recommendation of a number of experts we worked with in making the film, many of the individuals and organizations who helped make this film possible requested anonymity. Tragically, we’ve seen numerous times the response of the radicals to those who openly expose or disagree with them.

I still feel very uncomfortable about not knowing where the funding is coming from. Isn’t the point of a democracy that things are done in the open. I suspect they don’t want people following the money trail to see where it leads them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a hardcore McCain support, or Pro-Israel group.

But what troubles me more then where the funding comes from is Shores idea.

We need to develop a pre-emptive national security policy. World leaders need to stop promoting the dangerous policies of appeasement that have allowed countries like Iran to get to the brink of producing nuclear weapons…FOX News

What does he mean by develop a pre-emptive national security policy? You mean where we bomb trouble makers before they make trouble, or we send in air strikes and drones to a country that resist our national interest. Well Mr. Shore will be pleased to know that Bush has perfected his national security policy. Has it made us any safer? or have we made the flames of American hatred even hotter?

These Pro-Democracy and Freedom people keep saying we can’t allow these terrorist countries to develop nuclear weapons because they will use them against their enemies, but isn’t that what we did with them?

And Israel has thousands of nuclear weapons. At the same time declaring how much they hate Islam and Muslims. Don’t other countries have a right to protect themselves? Regardless of the fact that the UN inspectors said Iran isn’t producing nuclear weapons, they were just trying to become more energy independent.

I’m not against what the makers of the movie are trying to do. I honestly believe the have good intentions. What I don’t approve of, is how they are going about promoting their movie.

It just feels like a left over political trick from Carl Rove. To induce fear before the election so people will vote McCain. Could you imagine if people found out that this trick is some how connected or endorsed by the McCain campaign. Maybe that’s why the funding is so discrete.

Look at this British Polll Below about who the world sees as the biggest enemies of freedom! Often when you go out searching for monsters, you turn into the very thing you hate!